A Million Miles Away 💙

I packed a bag and headed to the clouds my destination awaited me and these thoughts were waiting to be released… as I laid under the sun with my iPad I thought were do I begin all this stress, problematic situations, broken relationships , trust issues just were do I begin to decluster my mind and let it go… & that’s when I realised I could be anywhere in the world and still have these problems but identifying the real issue starts with me cause everything that happens I allow it! Sipping on this pina colarda and exhaling the winds of the Croatian sea I couldn’t be more at peace… no contact from the other side.. no work alarm clock reminding me to get up… no office phones ringing a thousand times till I want to scream… just cool breeze, sweet tasting cocktail & the perfect view of the clear skies and the sweet feeling of freedom 💙….signed a million miles away 💙

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