Exhibition Game

I had an exhibition game last night. Our coach decided it would be good for us to play a team two divisions above us. In the world of indoor soccer a gap in one division – let alone two – is huge in terms of skill, stamina, chemistry, etc. I thought we were going to get annihilated, but the score was only 4-2. I don’t like to play the blame game, but I’m going to: When there are only 6 players on the field one weak link is detrimental and we had a new girl that was beyond useless. She didn’t move. What the fuck is with the newer generation and not having the ability to run? Is our society getting that lazy? Anyway, she created so many problems. When I was on with her I had to do the work of 2 positions. We’ll see what happens. though. It is possible she just had a terrible game, but if she plays with us for the season I don’t know what I’ll do with her. I can’t pass to her… I sent her so many good balls and she either couldn’t catch them or couldn’t control them. She sure as shit can’t score with them and it turns over the possession. I may have to be that selfish player that just ignores her position entirely. Not yet, of course because as I said I haven’t given her a chance. I’m just trying to prepare myself mentally since the season starts soon. Oh, and I scored.

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