My Engagement Ring


I didn’t post about my engagement ring because, to be honest, I didn’t think it was very pretty. lol I feel bad for saying that. I always had a vision about what the exact ring I would want would look like, but that’s just all in my head. Excuse my dirty desk cover, but it is a beautiful ring, and today I found out it is a family heirloom. He didn’t buy it, it’s been in his family for generations and the last woman to wear it was his mother. It’s traveled all the way from Sweden and is originally from Germany. I love it! Going to be honest, it may not be my dream “ideal” engagement ring (as I pictured it in my head) but it’s pretty and it means the world to me that I get the privilege of wearing a part of his family legacy. On the inside it is engraved with “Svealand” which is a Swedish name, but I couldn’t take a picture of it clearly. The engraving is something his father did before giving it to his mother, that was her name.  He said if I didn’t like it,  he would buy me whichever I choose out, but I feel like that would be wrong. I do have to get it fitted, it fits me way to big on my small hands. 

It still hasn’t hit me that I’m engaged. I guess it’s going to hit me , and right in the face, when I tell my parents the good news. 

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