Snug as a bug

It’s been a long day, but tomorrow will be longer. No matter what bullshit happens at work, I’m going to stay up beat. Yup. Happy. Yup. Complimentary.

I’m trying to find a subject to write about. Tonight my brain seems to being coming up short on ideas. I thought of a decent topic earlier (okay, I admit some one else had it first), but now I forget what it is.

Lately I’ve been reading some many sad blogs. The domestic violence ones frighten me. I hope the ladies are able to get help and break away from their abusers. I wonder why people stay where they are being hurt. I wish I could help them love themselves. Some dirtbag takes away their esteem and in time they become trapped. We need more resources for these women. We have anti smoking and anti drug commercials. Why not create more awareness of how to help these people? I think in the end the money spent would actually be an investment.

I did some cleaning today (mainly the kitchen). I accidentally left Deedee’s bedroom door open and Tyrion decided it’s fun to rip down all her posters. Tyrion gets into everything. If I leave my bedroom door open at night he attacks my feet while I sleep. This insane kitten actually cooes like a pigeon. He makes all kinds of noises (but he doesn’t sing like Jake).

Toothless is doing good. She tried to blend into the carpet under the coffee table. Then she took a nap on top of the couch. She hasn’t had a bad day in awhile.

I guess when I’m rambling about cats – it’s time for bed

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  1. I am so glad to know something about Toothless — and good news at that! I know how much you love that cat. I’m so happy he’s had some good days. Bless him! And you!!

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