Start of my Weekend…

I have taken tomorrow off from work to stay at home with Debbie. She is still no weight on her right foot/ankle/lower leg and will be this status till at least October 20.

Last night we were able to get her into the bath for her first real bath. There have been daily bed baths and clean ups, but this was her first. I scrubbed her really good and washed her hair twice. She came out squeaky clean and her surgical area and cast stayed dry!

While she sat enjoying the hot water I changed the bed linens so she would have a lovely new bed to rest on. Just being able to get her hair washed and a bath seemed to have greatly improved her spirits! I think Debbie even slept better last night.

We have been blessed that Debbie’s Mom comes over during the day to take care of her. I would be at a total loss if not for this wonderful loving Lady. I refer to her as Mom, I call her my Mom, as she loves and accepts me for who I am , as I am. My birth mother never really liked me, I was a late in life baby, I think an unplanned pregnancy. And through my life she never failed to let me know that I was just a liability in her life. She was a miserable bitter women who was intent upon sharing her self perceived misery on everyone. Our family was totally dysfunctional. There were no family reunions or gatherings due to my birth mother. She was ashamed to face any of the family on either side . They all came from a small Coal Camp in West Virginia where everyone knows each other. The cause of her shame was because she slept with my father’s brother while he was in WWII. And as I have oft said, my dad was either a Saint or a fool for staying with her.

But back to my Debbie. She is aching to ride her motorcycle. I tell her of every ride, not mattering if to work or the grocery. She glows as I tell her about the ride. She will work her butt off in physical therapy just so she can get back in the saddle of her Indian!

This evening I am catching up on laundry and cooking dinner, I think I shall soon retire to bed.


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  1. I am sorry to hear about your birth mom and the dysfunctional family you grew up in. That is HARD. Children need love and security so much. I am glad you have someone wonderful to call Mom, who cares for you and loves you. Hope Debbie can ride soon!

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