The Black Hills

  The Black Hills.  Majestic, spiritual, peaceful.  

 Dan and I reach the black hills, the sky is a mix of blue and gray clouds.  As we near the mountains we are both silent.  They’re amazing to look upon.  All I think about is the history, the Native Americans that fought to their death for this sacred land.  It is magical.  As we drive up the weather starts to get bad.  It’s raining, Dan grips the wheel and scoots up a bit in his seat.  I can see how tense his shoulders are.  I have every faith in him and keep on looking out the window.  I hear him cursing and yelling at people riding his ass.  He thinks they’re nuts for wanting to speed and I am in agreement but say nothing.  I can’t believe where we are.  I feel bad he can’t enjoy what I’m seeing.  It doesn’t take long before the sky turns blue and sun pokes out.  There is still snow on the peaks of the mountains. We pass waterfalls coming down the side of the mountain and falling on the road.  We pass hills and hills of trees that have died from last years fire.  The sight is incredibly sad to see, but it’s also nature doing what it does to survive. 

We pass a town called “Ten Sleep”.  It is adorable.  We decide to stop and have ice cream at The Crazy Woman Cafe.  Of course I have to get a picture of me in front of it. The town is very quiet, although that is to be expected on a Sunday.  Not many shops open. We find a shirt that tells us how Ten Sleep received its name.  

There was a Sioux Tribe Camp along the Platte River, near Casper, WY and to the North, on Clarks Fork River there was another Tribe located in Bridger, MT.  Between the two camps was “Ten Sleep”.  Indians judged distance between camps by the number of sleeps.  This cracked me up and was said many times throughout our trip.

 On the way out of Ten Sleep we came upon a Microbrewery.  Breweries are one of Dan and my favorite things to go see and indulge in!  This brewery was located directly against this gorgeous red rock.  As we pulled up to the Brewery we saw chickens in the yard.  We go in and the people are incredibly friendly.  We’re the only couple in there.  We buy two beer glasses and decide to get a flight of beers.  It’s good, not great, but good.  Especially for a small operation.  I was definitely tipsy when we left.  Next – YELLOWSTONE.ten-sleep ten-sleep-dan-i

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