Thoughts on being a “young mum” and Fridays

So… The best day of the week (for me anyway) is Friday, for me it means the school run is done for 2 days, i don’t need to put the iron on in the mornings and Friday is my night of programs.

Not a normal Friday night for most mid 20 year olds but i don’t care, I love nothing more on a Friday than tucking the kids into bed with a film, making a cuppa and a cig, getting into me tatty/comfy pyjamas and tuning in to hooten and the lady and American horror story, even if I do have to watch hooten and the lady after AHS because it gives me the heebyjeebies and I get scared haahaa 🙂

Most people might say I had my kids too young, that I should be out enjoying being drunk or whatever it is that childless people my age do with their weekends but I say no, I’d much rather be helping my babies grow up, be individuals, teaching them how to be happy with themselves and watch them flourish so I can sit back in the future when their all grown up and successful (and I hope extremely happy) and think I did that, they’re the best the can be and its because I spent my time loving them and being there for them.

Yes I may not being living the life I had planned out for myself 10 years ago, singing around the world or whatever my teenage plans were, that doesn’t matter to me nor do I think of it as a “wasted dream” I have an audience every night and they are my biggest fans :’) 

In this day and age being a young mum shouldn’t change your outlook on your life, the way I think about it by the time I’m in my forties my babies will be adults, already on their way in the world, yes I know a parents job is never over until we leave this earth but I’ll still be “young” enough to pursue whatever endeavour I like and working from home is always an option especially when you have kids, my plan for now? Fire up the sewing machine and see where the thread takes me, as well as enjoying my Friday nights curled up on the sofa and waking up to three beautiful smiling faces in the morning.

Daryl’s final thought… Don’t let other peoples opinions bring you down, our choices in life whether good or bad are our own to enjoy or deal with as we wish and what anyone else thinks is null and void, we lose our sense of self worth when we let what other people think cloud our minds so in other words … Bollocks to them 🙂

5 thoughts on “Thoughts on being a “young mum” and Fridays”

  1. Three babies! You sound like a truly wonderful mama, being “There” for your little ones. Giving them yourself is the greatest of all gifts. Keep up the wonderful good attitude! God bless you.

  2. Hi im new here and your post was the first one i read. You sound like a great mom. No one will ever love you the way your children do and best of all their love is unconditional. Keep up the good work!

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