why me

Do i look depressed?

When i talk can you hear that I’m about to cry through the ripples in my voice.?

Can you tell that I’m super insecure?

Can you see my  painful scars on my arm?


I don’t know if anyone can see me but I’m screaming not literally but metaphorically.I’m begging for you to notice me,I’m begging for you to love me like you’ve never loved another soul but you’ve made it clear to me,Its clear that you never choose me is clear is not worthy of you.


How can you make someone feel so small like they mean nothing how can you say you love someone when you never really did.


Why is this so easy for you/ why can you hurt me so easily WHY WHY WHY IS IT ME WHY ARE YOU HURTING ME PLEASE STOP


I’m begging you please stop hurting me ‘


The crazy part is instead of hurting you back i hurt myself isn’t that crazy.


I cry

I don’t eat

I don’t sleep

And i barely speak

You’re the person that keeps hurting me but it’s like i cant do anything about it

How do i say enough is enough without getting hurt anymore how is that even possible

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