Words to repeat in my head

A talent of mine is to worry, overreact and get anxious about just about everything. I’m also quite good at taking things personally. And even so, I can be quite the laidback individual, but who said us humans aren’t living contradictions after all? I’m good at handling depressions. I got good at it after turning my life around, I got good at it after releasing my inner willpower, stubborness and strength. And I have two mantras:

I bleed, sir, but not killed.

This, too, shall pass.

I’ve come a very long way, and I have to say that I’m better than before when it comes to anxiety, though – but it’s still a major problem for me. I’m not terrible at it anymore, but I’m not good at it. And I overthink stuff. And almost force myself to think of things that have hurt me – even things that weren’t meant to do so – in a very masochistic way. Sometimes, when I’m bad off in that way, I think “I feel good, unless I think”. Now then, I’m not a guy who uses inspirational quotes or anything. But here’s a note to myself:

Water of a duck’s back for when I feel hurt by trivial things (among countless of other things this one is useful for).

Things are easy, I just make them more difficult for when I overthink stuff.

And of course the old classic: Take that lemon out of your arse. Applies whenever I bitch and moan about things not quite worthy of the bitching and moaning.

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