She said burgers lol! Oh man that made me laugh so hard. Okay so there’s this girl I’ve known for a long time and we had are ups and downs. Some how some way we’ve managed to reconnect with each other.  I’m getting off topic, anyways I asked her with is the most common food you eat everyday or most days. Now I’m over here wondering what it would be, maybe something light or not too greasy and she responds with “burgers”. I cried with laughter but then it hit me, me and her aren’t so different from each other.  When it comes to jokes or comedy we laugh it up, we even laugh at our laughs. Movies somewhat the same expect for the hobbit because why. Last time we hung out together we went to a burger joint and she order a bacon burger lol and she out ate me. Now I don’t know if I should feel bad because I couldn’t even finish mines or impressed because she finished hers before me. This isn’t first time too lol but I actually like that. She makes me happy.

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