Day 215 – Bit of fangirling

Thursday, September 29th 2016

Today was fun. I started off with coding and although there wasn’t a lot of people there since there was an outing with people who had a French class, we still worked. There was also a fire alarm practice in the middle, which didn’t last long.

Then followed alimentation and we cooked our chicken Thai soup. I cut the green onions and an average onion, as well as did some dishes and cleaned the counter. The soup tasted good, except 2 out of 4 of us didn’t like it. 

I then had lunch, and Kohai and I wanted to record a podcast episode, but our teacher wasn’t there so we just went to the cafeteria and ate there. We talked about which antagonists we would bring to life if we could; she picked the monster from Stranger Things (cause she has a death wish for all of us) and after deciding that the Joker would kill us all, Moriarty would just not care and get bored then leave, Edward Nygma would bring people to my home and kill them, and because I have been fangirling about him lately, I picked Kylo Ren. He would not cause any problems if his Force powers and lightsaber was unusable in our universe. He would complain or try to find a way home.

Then we had technology and we recorded our episode, which was about The Force Awakens and the trailer for Rogue One. I think my teacher will be well aware of which characters I like after talking about the Joker for Dark Knight a lot, saying “back off, he’s mine” for Edward Nygma in our Gotham episode and then “People would say I’m just one of those typical teenage girls that like Kylo Ren cause he’s a villain and attractive… and they’re right” for our Star Wars Force Awakens episode. But I swear I like Kylo Ren for other than just his looks, but his character, back story and emotions.

I finished the day with math and it was a work period, so nothing interesting as always.

When I got home I played on the server as well as prepared a little for the tourney tomorrow on the old server.

That’s all for today.

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