1st: Just me blabbing


So I finally made up my mind to start an online journal. I’ve been wanting to write a journal since forever, but my inconsistency and laziness and my incredible job at procrastination had hindered me to start before. Tonight I have a wild hair to just register at some online journal portal, without any deep thinking whatsoever. This method usually worked better for me because planning is not my forte.

I want to tell about myself, but then I intended this journal to be not-so-private-but-still-private journal, so I don’t know if talking about myself seems so… narcissistic or not. But then again, since this is my journal, I can write (almost) whatever I want (right?).

I’ve been homesick for awhile. Not acute, but in the back of my mind I always think about home, my parents, and the country, where I came from. I am studying abroad now, it’s been almost a year. The first language in this country where I am studying at is not English. Since English is my first foreign language, that means I have to learn new language to be able to study here. I have to admit it was quite a pain in the bottom, but I made it through and now I can have a normal conversation, where the people I talk to understand what I said and vice versa. It’s been bothering me for awhile, this language barrier, because I am normally a quite talkative person, once I am quite comfortable with my surroundings, but the way things here, I am often not very sure of myself and that I don’t like.

 So far I’ve been successful with my understandings of the way other people speaking, but I still need to work at my speaking ability, since I am a student and I will be doing a lot of academic activity, requiring me to (for example) do a presentation in front of group of people, discussing academic topics that requires me to be articulate and sometimes also eloquent, which I am not, even in my mother tongue.

I need to stop blabbing now, I have homework to do, lots of them. Although I have a long weekend ahead of me, I plan to not spend my free time doing homework. So I’ll do (most of) them tonight. Gonna cross my finger and see if I am really going to do it, taking into consideration that I am  such a professional procrastinator.

Liebe Grüße,


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