Happy News

Someone requested we each write a happy blog.  There is so much sadness here (and everywhere).  So here goes!  Yesterday hubby and I had to drive 1/2 hour into the city to deliver some paperwork.  While we were there we stopped at Hardee’s and got two milkshakes.  They don’t have large and small, just small.  So these were gone super quickly.  We kept driving and talking about how good they were.  Then I had a sneaky thought.  “There’s a Hardee’s in our town, too,” I hinted.  Hubby said, “We drive right by it.”  “You want to stop?”  “Why not?”  He started fishing for cash and found what we needed.  We did stop and got another 2 milkshakes.  Now that is not earthshaking, but it is kind of funny, and it was definitely HAPPY while we had them.  I think if there had been a third Hardee’s we would have stopped there too!  

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