Inspired…and tired

I’ve been reading a couple of happy/positive blog posts and have decided for once to do the same about some of my interests… it’ll probably be quite boring and rubbish but lets try anyway…

Before I became a mum you would usually find me at a rock concert 🙂 I travel as far as Birmingham or London to see a band and stay overnight in a hotel! I love music, I always have to post a song whenever I post an entry here. I have a song that seems to go with every possible emotion I find myself in. I have a song for everything that goes on in my life, I can always find the exact song to listen to that reflects how I’m feeling or what is going on for me at the time. When I was an inpatient my doctor actually always let me have leave to go to these concerts (even for overnight and even for the concerts all the way in London) so I am grateful my doctor could see it was a genuine interest of mine that could only ever help me.

October 3rd 2014 I actually met a really famous rock band in the students union of Cardiff university, called Black Veil Brides. You wouldn’t know the name unless you were a fan of the alternative genre but they are actually pretty well known (not always for the best reasons though, they’re a band that has completely polarised opinions in the world of rock music.) The featured picture is when I met them, and yes I always end up looking that strange, I can never seem to manage to look ‘average.’

Another interest and love I have are dolphins 😀 I have loved dolphins since I was 10 years old. I have lots of family in Mexico and my parents have always taken me and my older sister there every other year. When I was 14 back in 2002, my family there paid for a place for me to swim with a pair of dolphins because they knew how much I love them. I did a sponsored walk for Whales & Dolphins for the WDCS back in 2003 and I have a dolphin tattooed on my chest with the Chinese symbol for love next to it!

My parents are planning to take me and Harry to Mexico for Christmas this year and my mum said that my aunt might get places for herself, my mum and I to swim with the dolphins again 😀 😀 But of course this Christmas trip will be most special because it’ll be Harry’s first trip there and he’ll meet the rest of his family who can’t wait to finally meet him 😀

Yay I managed to write a more or less happy entry…have put a little update on things below…

Harry did end up catching that cold 🙁 He’s been really unwell today, he woke up from his nap and just sobbed into me- it broke my heart. I gave him special nasal spray for babies, calpol and worked out how to use this plug I bought for him that releases vapours through the night to clear his nose. I sat him on my lap and we watched The Jungle Book. I fed him myself to comfort him, then I fed him again when I got tired and he fell asleep feeding from me. He stayed asleep when I put him in his cot.

(I actually had to write this entry twice, I lost it the first time! I was going to give up and not do it again but I am determined to post something happy…)

2 thoughts on “Inspired…and tired”

  1. So glad to see other mums out there that like to rock 😀 I managed to get a weekend away to London last year to see Five Finger Death Punch and have to say it was immense 😀 I hope you and Harry have an awesome time in Mexico you deserve it 🙂
    It breaks our hearts to see them so ill but lil man will get better soon and be running you ragged again before you know it 🙂 keep em coming rebel 🙂

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