Mentally preparing myself for American Horror Story O_O

So its friday night and that means a good scary session of AHS and i’ll be the first person to admit… i ain’t prepared for this O_O

Im not going to write any spoilers about last weeks episode (i just couldnt do it to any fans out there) but lets just say it was left on a terrifying cliffhanger, so much so im currently procrastinating by writing this and have left the telly on live pause for nigh on 20 minutes.

on that note i am going to suck it up, take a deep breath and hide behind a pillow (little side note for you im watching this by myself makes it a tad more scary) and then watch Hooten and The Lady on catch up to calm my no doubt going to be very shattered nerves by the end of todays episode…. wish me luck! 

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