Sorry But You’re So Friendly That You Creep Me Out

I stopped talking to That Guy C–the one in the same precalculus and success classes–about two–or maybe three, my mind is shattered from the period cramp relievers/painkillers and the residual cold medicine and the three hours of sleep I got last night–weeks ago.

And I stopped talking to him because he was so HELPFUL and FRIENDLY that it started getting SUPER FUCKING CREEPY.

He kept walking me everywhere even when I told him not to. I would say something polite like, “Oh, you don’t need to walk me, I know my way,” or “I’m sure you have stuff to do,” or “Hey, your friends are calling you,”–but he would INSIST on going with me, even when it was PAINFULLY OBVIOUS that he was GOING OUT OF HIS WAY to do so, because his class/place he was supposed to be was IN A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PLACE, on the next floor, or in the opposite direction. I would walk out the precalc classroom door in a hurry but he would just run up to me. Or I would pack up super slowly and he would wait outside the door for me. It started getting SUPER FUCKING CREEPY, it FREAKED ME OUT, I felt so uncomfortable, I’ve never dealt with anyone that was this uncomfortably stalker-like.

Worst of all, I thought he was a “super nice guy”. I thought he was just a friendly person. And at first it really was nice talking to him, it really was. But it soon started feeling just… too much, too soon, and too forced–I felt so uncomfortable just being around him, I didn’t want to talk to him anymore, and I basically ran from the classroom after precal every day because I wanted to avoid having to walk with him. Because, to me, too friendly just means creepy.

And eventually, I got so fed up and annoyed and just super freaking uncomfortable that I stopped talking to him. I wouldn’t talk, seriously, I would give him these very polite, very short, very quietly-spoken answers, and I would just not talk to him first.

Maybe I was being mean. But honestly, he made me feel uncomfortable. I didn’t like the way he stared at me all the time, even when I wasn’t talking. The way he would sit closer to me even when I was edged all the way to the end of the table and staring at nothing but my phone. Or that time he said he liked my sweater and he started rambling about how nice it was because it was blue and blue is his favorite color and it was a really nice sweater and did I know that I looked really good in it and he really liked it? I HATED it. I hate hate hated it so freaking much. I started dreading seeing him every day and I just couldn’t bear the thought of being around him anymore.

I felt guilty for it, but I asked my mom for advice and she said I’m not a bad person because I have the right to stop hanging around someone that makes me uncomfortable.

My mom is a badass. I always go to her for advice. So I’m trusting her judgment.


I haven’t written anything in a long time. But today was the last day of our first six weeks, and I got okay grades (all A’s except for a B+ in physics, but I’m going to strive to push it up to at least an A- in the second six weeks).

Maybe I’ll write more tomorrow. I only got three hours of sleep last night, because I went to bed at ten, but stayed awake until 2: 40 or so, and then woke up at 5: 50 because of my cramps, so I got up to have two painkillers and couldn’t sleep because I was going to wake up at six thirty anyway, and I thought I was going to be tired but today I have been completely jittery wide awake, my hands are shaking a tiny bit and I wasn’t hungry today just really super thirsty. I’m not taking the painkillers anymore. Or the cold medicine I took before. I think their side effects are a bit too strong on me.

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