The Nostalgic Kind

11th September ’16


I’m ready to move out, can’t be dealing with anyone else trying to break in. I feel ill. They did get in once. I tell people I chased him out. I really just wanted to see who it was. people are shit. Can’t get rid of this achy pain in my chest. I’ve got to resit my exam in December. I don’t feel like I’ve got it in me to do this again. I don’t remember anything. I’ve been smoking all the time but god (if there is one) I like this girl. Sent from the heavens itself. Her body has me insane. 

I’ve been sleeping through all the most important parts. I’ve been with girls before and I know how it ends. I don’t miss them. I’m just the nostalgic kind. Financially i’m better. Just been lying in bed watching documentaries with Cal. He really is my best friend. Let’s just drink tea and forget about how much we hate people. This place. This life. If this is who I am today who will I be tomorrow? I’m just being who I am. Even if I’m not sure who that is.

My phone is dead and so is this town. At some point I’ve got to be an adult. I don’t drink enough water but I don’t know many people who do.


See ya. 

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