Thursday journal

Work, Gym after work then fire at Dosung’s place.

Crazy fire tonight at Dosung’s place. It was not that bad at all but still shocked enough for me to freak out since it never happened me before. We were putting things together for Ikea furnitures he bought for his new apartment. He smelled something burning then checked out the hallway. Found that entire 3rd floor hallway was filled out with smoke. Just grabbed our phone and wallet and ran out of the apartment while he was making a call to 911. It was pass midnight and nobody in the building seems to aware of that even after fire fighter came to the building. It turned out to be someone throw cigarette butt in the dumpster that that caught the fire. It didn’t spread out of the dumpster but it would be if we didn’t call. Well, just a little crazy story. Back home around 1 AM and had to take shower again before go to sleep cause of the smell of fire.

Work was good and work out after work was great! I think I like working out after work around 8 PM seems to be a good time to go. Not too crowed and not too late. Will tried to make this a regular habit.

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