So I’ve been really good lately!!! I feel okay, I’m eating good, and staying on top of my school (even though I’m still failing one). 

Jordan and I talk on a regular basis as friends. It nice, I don’t think I would be doing this well if I didn’t still have him in my life. 

Buy still, some things hurt. He called me last weekend and that was the first time we talked on the phone. It was amazing to hear his voice!! I missed it a lot. Tonight we were supposed to FaceTime for the first time since we broke up. We tried multiple times and it wouldn’t work. So I suggest skype, and he never replied back. I texted a few more times, still nothing. 

That hurts. I was really excited to see his face again. Also I like talking to him when he is drunk bc he doesn’t hold back. I’m pretty sure he just passed out right in the middle of us talking. That hurts a lot. He would never have done that before. I guess it’s just a slap in the face as to what our relationship is now. 


It hurts….. 

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