2st: Lazy Day

I officially ignored the rest of my homework today and commenced watching Korean dramas. Two more episodes and I am done with this serial. Still a few more series that I need to watch. It’s a long weekend but for some reason I don’t feel like it’s a long weekend. It was raining the whole day today, a perfect day to stay at home, cuddling with blanket and watching drama. Marburg is getting cooler, I need to brace for the winter.

Got a not-new-but-new-for-me bedside lamp and I am very happy with it. The couple that gave it to me are really nice. Now I don’t need to walk in the dark to switch off the normal lamp in my room.

With just me and one other roommate, it is very quite in the house. I wonder when my other roommate will come back.

Oh, I really need a shower, and my hair needs to be washed. But it’s chilly when I’m not under the blanket. I need motivation to shower. Please help.

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