!A point in society!

do u know wat it feels like to live live in constent fear of the future & what other people think about you and most impotantly fear of the future or death.do u know what love is or what it even means to love someone. i feel fake i lie i am a fake i act like a different person i say i like things that i really don’t  mean just to show off or look cool or fit in. i make friends when all want is to be quiet and not have to talk to others friends cause nothing but pain sorrow regret and betrayal.what is the point of humanity anymore everyone will judge you and shun you because of the way you dress or the you speak or act.why is this world so full of poverty and vanity and most of all war conflict.why do traits like hatred exist i bet if someone tried to wipe out humanity it would cause even more chaos.why do people die why do people judge why do people hate why do people have to live in vanity or in poverty why does everything in history go the same way why does the same thing occur in almost every war or conflict,the war the hate the sorrow why!why!why!war is always started by selfishness or hatred it’s the same god damn thing betrayal hate and everything else i have mentioned just why! do people care so much of what others think!why do wars start over simple conflicts that can be solved peacefully.war just cause’s more chaos than the conflict they are fighting over.WTF has this world this world come to.

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