Day 216 – Calm day

Friday, September 30th 2016

Today was fun and calm. I started off with programming and I am now in JQuery. Alimentation followed the class with cheese taste testing, so that was fun. 

For lunch I worked on my math and didn’t eat that much since I really didn’t like what it was, which was an egg thing.

I then had math and I was trying to tell Kohai a dream I had about Edward Nygma in between my teacher’s teachings. 

I finished with technology and we made an episode about The Call and I ranted about the characters’ decisions. I forgot to tell the result of our personality quiz so I said it at the end, but I was muted when I said it then I laughed for a split second before stopping. Oops.

When I got home I played on the server, played DBD with the owners and then had my grandmother and uncle over to give a gift for my parent’s anniversary and yeah.

That’s all for today.

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