Differing Views

Its been a while since I’ve written anything in my journal but I do have some of my own perspectives I’d like to share with all of you who take the time to read them. As everyone is well aware we are at that 4 year marker where we all seem to get fired up at each other over who we think would be a better (or in this particular election…..least lousy) president. Nearly all of my family and a great number of my friends are conservatives while I remain the liberal black sheep. As you can probably imagine, election time isn’t always the easiest time for me when it comes to expressing and arguing my viewpoints. I opted for a different approach this time and didnt really post anything political other than a couple of things that were merely humorous on Facebook. I have, however, chimed in on other people’s posts and either called them out for spreading misinformation by including a fact checked link in the comment section of their posts or by offering my personal view or a link to a different perspective when I see a view that is obviously one sided. I have recently seen some people post things to the effect of “if you vote for such and such you can de-friend me.” This type of thinking causes me great concern for the simple fact that if I am friends with you it has nothing to do with who you vote for or your political and religious affiliation or your sexual orientation. I am friends with you because I value you as a person and care about your well being and believe that feeling to be reciprocated by you. Lately I have seen posts where people use Christianity to try to condemn people for voting for Hillary. This really saddens me because I happen to be a Christian and some of the things I see on Facebook are just plain mean and hateful. That type of behavior does nothing but cause great shame and embarrassment to those of us who try to love ALL people regardless of their beliefs. I wish that before we post things we would stop and ask ourselves “Am I posting this because I feel I’m doing the right thing or do I have my own hate-filled/bigoted agenda and am simply cherry picking parts of the Bible as a means to justify that agenda?” If you are trying to convert people that way I can promise you the exact opposite will happen. I have close friends who are atheists and I would never dream of treating them any differently. If I wanted to change their beliefs I would do so by showing love and kindness and living my life as an example that they would want to emulate. I would replace hate with love, bigotry with open mindedness, condemnation with compassion, contempt with sympathy, and vengeance with forgiveness. These are just some things to think over in the midst of all the madness. Thank you for taking the time to read this. 

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