Feeling alone more and more

I’m struggling right now…Why can’t I just meet someone that is honest. I started talking to this one guy a couple days ago who stated that his ex left him for some guy that she met on a site called MeetMe. Well he claimed last night or whenever that he changed his Facebook password and blocked her on there as well. But today she is back on his page and the kicker of all kickers is that he left his phone at his ex’s mom’s house? Who does that. Or was it really her that I was talking to and not her mom. Who the hell knows at this point. I wash my hands of him because I knew this would happen. Everyone else around me is happy and involved with someone and I am just here alone. I mean my own Dad is getting re-married in the spring. I am happy for him, but said that I am alone. I hate being alone but as time goes by I guess that I am destined to be alone possibly forever. I just wish I knew where that one special person for me is.

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