Midnight skate on Friday night

Fell down on my way to work. Ripped off my pants and lost some skin on my left knee. Yes, it was embarrassing as well lol I had to get out of the spot on 3rd right away. Got to the office around 10 AM and had to take care of the scratches on my knee. Wasn’t that bad to prevent me not to skate.

Work was good as always. I felt very tired all day tho. I don’t know what’s going on with my body but I couldn’t tell that I’m exhausted and it was actually hard to keep my eyes open and think clearly. Just can’t think about the reason why except that I have been having trouble going sleep lately which bothers me crazy. I’m thinking about taking some meditation class that might help me out with all those issues I have in my mind. I feel like I need those to find inner peace. It kind of feels like I’m being chased by something and I have no reason to be feeling that way. I need to get rid of that before that eats me over.

Sebastian gave me a ride back home and I took a rest at home for couple hours while I was doing laundry. Ended up at Dosung’s place again just chilling at his place for couple hours before I headed out for the midnight skate in Downtown LA. Just 5 of us and I felt very tired when I got there. However, it turned out to be very nice I was very happy that I made this. We skated about 12 miles through the city and the secret spot in USC hospital. Back to DTLA around 2:30 AM after the skating then took an Uber back to home. Uber pool was getting little annoying by adding too many people on the way. Too tired when I got home just went sleep after having some snack. Couldn’t even shower. Fun day!

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