Miserable Day 2

So part 2…

2016 has been a really bad year for me. I’ve never had a worst year than 2016, even when I transferred schools and made had no friends for 3 years in middle school. So my thing is after all those years going out of my way to help people, this is what I get? I would never imagine that I would be treated like this in my early 30s.

All I ever wanted in my life was to get my undergrad degree, meet a guy and have my happily ever after. I really thought the X was it. He was my first and last, or so I thought. He was everything I wanted in my life. I helped him get his associate’s degree and stayed by him after 3 job switches…only to have his family get in between us.

Then came my family this year. I helped the folks with everything only to have them screwed me over and my sister transferring everything into her name behind my back. She couldn’t even wait one year.

I guess the whole point is…

I’ve went out of my way to help everyone. All I wanted was a guy to settle down with and start a family. Why did I have to go through all this in 2016? How is it that someone can be selfish and use men for their money all the time yet still ended up with Mr Moneybags with a mellow personality? It’s times like this that I want to just sleep forever. I’m tired of having helped people and working my ass off for what I wanted only to get screwed over this year. Life is so not fair.


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