not sure if better, but different

I got a tank of gas and groceries last night. I mailed the package that I needed to for ebay this morning. I started my clothes in the washer before I left the house, so I am making some progress on all of the things that have been stressors for me this week. I am really aggravated about the animals. I hate the dog hair every where. I hate cleaning the litter box and finding cat puke around my house. I hate all of it. I am ready to be animal free. I don’t see any way for that to happen, however. I suppose I am stuck with them, until death do us part. Ugh. I fantasize about a one bedroom condo, with no animals, no yard, just a tiny space to clean. I fantasize about having nothing to take care of but myself- no one to clean up after but me. Why oh why did I get these damned dogs? Ugh. 

Home from cheer clinic now. I got the laundry going and got the disgusting litter box clean. Laundry room is clean, and about to start in the downstairs bathroom. I am going to try to get downstairs clean this weekend, because even though I’m out of school two days next week, I need to get my oil changed, I have 2 doctor appointments and I really need another one for a flu shot, and I want to take that picture and get new glass put in it.

I don’t understand how people do their jobs and keep up with everything. It kills me to try. I have put too much on myself. I saw those little kids at the cheer clinic today and it made me want to be a foster parent. I know. I must be crazy.

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