3rd: Keine Pause

I’m working part time every Sunday at this cafe, which according to Google and Tripadvisor review is quite good and even though I didn’t know before I work there, every time I tell people I work there they all know this place. Why I don’t know about that before is beyond me. That being said, this cafe is always busy. Even today when it’s raining, bunch of people keep coming. It was so busy that I couldn’t have my precious 15-minutes break. That means, I have to work seven hours straight, on my feet, and nothing to eat. (I barely have time to breathe, eating is so overrated). I mean, I work part time and only Sundays is because I don’t want to work too much and be too tired to study. But oh well, at least I got paid and it was quite a bit chunk in my savings, considering I work mostly only four days a month. But good thing is, I was able to bring home two delicious cakes from the cafe. Not too mention they are not famous for nothing. Their cakes are to die for. So all in all, it was worth it.

After that I didn’t go straight home, because there is this get-together kinda thing with my classmates. At first I was a bit reluctant to go, but since I haven’t eaten anything the whole day and had absolutely zero energy to cook, I ended coming. Just to eat, but I found I have so much fun with everybody. Normally we are a quite group, we are nowhere near loud and we talk just as needed. But that get-together was loud in a good way, I laughed a lot and eat a lot and spent quality time with them. I really enjoy that. Happy I came.

And now I’m thorn between finishing my homework or just to watch an episode of this Korean drama (which now is completed) and go to sleep. Because guess what, even though tomorrow is a national holiday (at least in this country I’m living at), I have to work. This is an unusual situation, but they don’t have enough people, and since I’m (kinda) free, why not.

Well, I think that was it for today.

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