Beautiful Fall Saturday

Gorgeous early fall day today…..bright and sunny, slight breeze blowing and temps in the lower 60’s!! Love it!!  Most of my neighbors could be heard out and about mowing….trimming hedges….cleaning their cars but I decided against that and just did some housework and shopping instead.  I left RJ with his sister and as I was needing a few household items but most of all RJ needs some warmer clothes so Wal-mart here I come!  I got him 5 or 6 long sleeved shirts,  2 pair of sweatpants and an adorable TMNT zip up hooded sweatshirt.  He’ll be set for a while since I already bought his jeans, 2 pair of winter shoes and his winter coat last month.  I also got his snow boots from a Facebook flea market group I belong to. A pair of never worn boots for $5!! SCORE!! lol I love saving money and buying things used when possible….especially for a young child, they usually outgrow things long before they wear them out.  I also got a few Halloween decorations and picked up a couple of  Christmas gifts on clearance to tuck away.  Stopped at Little Caesars for 2 hot and ready $5 pizzas so took care of supper as well! lol  RJ and I took a walk this evening to the park then sat out on the deck and he played while I looked through the new LTD Christmas catalog I got in the mail today.  Found a few things I’ll order for gifts from there.  That just about covers my day today.  Sounds kind of boring to some probably but to be honest I love boring…..give me boring any day.  I’ve lived the life of drama and rush, rush and partying and I now love boring.  My home and little family make me so content and although there are many things I wish were different I also wouldn’t change anything either.  This is the life God has given me for now and I am so blessed to be given the opportunity to guide these 2 young lives that live with me.  Sure it would be nice to have the freedom to go and do anything I want and not have to deal with a toddler and teen but this is nicer.  When the time is right the Lord may see fit to change things for me and if and when He does I will accept it just as I have accepted the life I have now.  Well I suppose that’s all for now….gonna take the doggie out for his last potty of the night….pick up the living room a little bit….feed P and put out M and S.  SM will be h0me from her date at midnight so I’ll spend a little time with her hearing about the movie they saw and then it’s off to bed. Sweet dreams everyone!!

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