Day 217 – Moderating turned into adminstrating

Saturday, October 1st 2016

Today was fun! I spent all my day on the Pixelmon server. There was a lot to take care of. There was two players just not respecting rules at all and causing chaos while the other was using caps. I had to mute and jail the two players then mute the other, and also there was another play who had THREE alts, that I had to all mute and just ban them off the server. Other than that, I did a lot of building and such. The owners thought I did a good job and promoted me to admin! Which I’m very happy with and did not expect at all, since I feel like there should be more that I have to learn.
   After that I went on the older server for the tournament, but, no one showed up. Instead, after playing on the server for a little more, we played Dead by Daylight, but we only had campers, so we stopped.

Also reading some old Star Wars fanfiction that I did… and it’s pretty good. I should continue/fix it up a little.

That’s all for today.

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