My fav restaurant app is on the way!!!

So excited for the app that I have been working on for months now. Today, I went to a meet up today afternoon and spent about 4 hours there working on my favorite restaurant app. I didn’t have a good experience before at the another JS meet up but this one turned out to be okay for me. Met some people actually know about JS and was able to help me out with couple issues that has been holding me down for a while. At the meet up we solved weird zooming issue and figured out rest of routing issues. At the end of the meet up, I actually got something looks like an app without any styling at all lol. I was so happy about that and also met some nice people. Gave a ride to JP and another guy on my way back to home.

Back home around 7 PM then went out to Apple store in Central city with Dosung. Ended up drinking at his place after having dinner there. Had a deep conversation about product design and user experience. Very nice to have a friend to discuss about things we do in daily routine. I definitely need more of these to be good at it. Cause critique is something I’m still not very good at and been always wanted to be good at. Just keep doing it is the only way to get there!

It was a very productive day already for me just with that app. Had a cup of coffee in the morning in Startbucks while I was organize things on my laptop. You know things I do everyday lol. Lunch at the food court at the Korean grocery market. JS meet up, Apple store then a hanging out at Dosungs place. Back home around 4 AM and passed out lol.

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