Save Me From This Shit Hole

Today, these past days actually, have been the shittiest days of my life. I just got done with a long term relationship a couple weeks ago. I’m still hurting. My emotions are all over the fucking place. I just need to take out all this anger somehow. I thought this could be help full, but whatever. I went to my ex’s house about a week ago. We talked over shit, we were going to try to work things out. The thing that pisses me the fuck out, is he never fucking texted me. I have no idea what he is thinking but god I just don’t know…. What is the best way to get rid of this anger, that you feel like you just want to shoot someone.


One thought on “Save Me From This Shit Hole”

  1. I’m sorry I know what you’re going through. Its hard you have so much anger right now I remember that feeling but then it turned to sadness when I realized he didn’t want to talk. Its hard. Its been 7 months for me and I went weeks feeling like I was over him and then all of a sudden the sadness hits me again. My advise, just breath through it. Try not to over think it too much. Talk to friends and family about it. Cry and yell about it. Write about it. Just get it out. You’ll probably still hurt and be mad but it does feel good to get it out.

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