It’s been over two years. The Ex-Guardian of The Isolated Castle has begun to love being on an exile. In fact, exile feels more like home, although technically – it does not really belong to her.

The Second Little Prince once said to her:

“I miss you. I never see you anymore.”

So The Ex-Guardian decided to visit The Isolated Castle one weekend. She spent some quality time with The Mighty Queen, The Three Little Princes, and The Only Little Princess.

No, The Ex-Guardian had no regrets regarding her decision. She missed The Mighty Queen and The Children of The Isolated Castle too. The Third Little Prince didn’t recognise her at first, since he is still a baby. Thankfully, it didn’t take long that weekend before he finally smiled and enjoyed playing with her.

Then, what has bothered The Ex-Guardian so much?

It’s the same old reality inside The Isolated Castle. The drama is still playing…and the plot just thickens.

Somehow, The Monster has turned The First Princess into a monster as well. You know how it goes: the transferred abusive pattern. The abused becomes the abuser. More victims fall. It doesn’t even take any fist or a slap in the face to hurt.

A vile tongue cuts deeply, even deeper than the sharpest blade possible.

Whatever she does, it is still not good enough for him. In fact, it’s never going to be good enough for him, one way or another. He’s still going to keep on blaming her for everything, while sitting on his lazy ass. Somehow, his big fat mouth always works much faster than his hands.

The Ex-Guardian has already seen more than enough. The First Princess yells at The Older Children more often than before. That’s not bad enough, even despite her high-pitched shrill that hurts the ears. There are times when she drags them around as they cry and struggle to get free.

The Mighty Queen has retreated into her inner solitude. Silence is her last and only protection to keep herself sane. They don’t seem to see nor care, but The Ex-Guardian of The Isolated Castle has noticed that all too well.

The Sweet Prince was away that weekend. Well, even if he were around, he wouldn’t do much. He’s got his own princess to look after – and a future heir-to-be…

No, The Ex-Guardian of The Isolated Castle shall never return full-time into The Isolated Castle. The last thing she ever wants from that is to wake something else inside of her, something dangerous but much more dormant lately.

Her other, more monstrous side. The one who still longs to knock some sense into The First Princess, shake The Mighty Queen awake, and protect The Little Princes and Princess. The Monster himself has to change some of his ways to earn the well-deserved respect he’s always longed for. Respect is never a privilege.

In the meantime, The Isolated Castle remains the same…


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