Weekly Reflection (WK3)

Sunday 2/10

On Tuesday, I was on the 7th day for the Meditation Vacation course on the Happier App. In the podcast, I was learning about the 6th sense intuition and how to harness it while also engaging in a breathing meditation. This podcast, had water running in the background which I found fascinating because it created this serene image in my head with green grass and clear blue water.

I had also completed 3 Acts of Kindness. Firstly, I let my mum rest for the day by taking over all the housework. I brought home take-out food for my siblings and helped my little sister with her assignment. This made me feel really good because I felt like I was giving back to my family for the things they’ve done for me.

On Friday, I had listened to the Happiness Podcast, titled “Finding Happiness on a Daily Basis”It was interesting to note that the narrator had mentioned that by exposing ourselves to a happy environment, we ourselves can be happy. “We are what we eat”, the narrator had used this saying in a perceptive manner in which he says that if we mentally ‘eat’ positive, then we will be happy individuals. I feel as though, it is up to us, as individuals, to find our ‘happiness’ and that we can choose if we decide to be happy or not.

I had complete the last Self-Assessment activity on the list which was about character strength. I feel like my results (Appendix M) hit the nail on the head because as a religious person, I feel like I have strong sense of purpose and faith. Also in group assignments, I always take the initiative and listen to everyone and their opinions, processing everything before making a decision which has been demonstrated in my second and third strength, Leadership and Judgement, critical thinking, and open-mindedness.

On Sunday, my sister, my mum and I went out to eat in the city, kind of like a girls day out. It was therapeutic in the sense that I had a lot of assignments and homework to be completed but to get away for one day felt really good.

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