It has been 21 days since I’m trying to get over my crush. (I’d called my crush N) and I have been doing just fine (after listening to heartbreak songs for several days and getting so dramatic 24/7.)

I don’t know what I am expecting from writing this, probably expecting N to read it. Ilysm, N Can you hear me ? lol N would never know it’s me anyway hahaha.

Just when I thought I am okay, and starts telling my friend about it, I was not again. Memories rush to my mind. The smile that I love still engraved on my heart. I asked myself why I feel this way? Turns out, it wasn’t because of N, but it because of me. 

I just feel like I’m not good enough, like well attracting a guy has never been a problem for me, but when it comes to N, I don’t know.

What I like about N is that N is so mature, and every action n’s did, it feels so sincere.

I really hope I ‘d get out of this soon.




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