Day 218 – Memory of Warriors

Sunday, October 2nd 2016

Today was fun. I didn’t go to church and instead did a Bible study which was don’t swear on oaths, the “hallowed be your name” way to pray, love your enemies and don’t parade about you giving to the needy. I also did some math studying since I have a quiz tomorrow.

Other than that, I played quite a bit on the server, built some new things, found someone using x-ray, the typical. I also played some Dead by Daylight and while waiting for a game, I’d do some math homework, which I will finish after Kohai and I record an episode of the podcast.

I have also been watching an animated version of Warriors. I quite like it, like many other things that involve a fun and simple way of creating characters (MLP, furries…) and it’s been forever since I associated myself with it. Last time I really did was when I was first introduced to it in 5th grade. I recently just became close friends with someone I still know til this day and she invited me to a snow fort of about 8 people she was leader of. We were pretending do be different Warrior cats, and my name was Silverwing. Her name was Leaf something. I was junior then promoted to senior and taught the kits, which basically involved me talking to myself.

I also watched an episode of Gotham and things got intense. I assumed it would at the start.

That’s all for today.

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