Ex texts

Yesterday, my ex boyfriend, Matt Hucke, texted me. This is the guy who has stalked me for 6 years! He abused and filmed me for his own pleasure or idk what. Uck! He acted like nothing had ever happened and he was so weird. Ugh. I was so terrified and feeaked out that I was texting a helpline while my phone was inundated with his texts. Anyway, impossible to explain all that he and his have done to me all these years and continue to do so…

Stalkerpalooza ’09-16 and going and going and going while I suffere needlessly and continue to be the most exploited woman on the planet. On camera now because there Is NO privacy in St.Louis, MO anymore. I am outside for freak’s sake! Blah. FTW. Privacy is a right and necessary for those of us with emotions. Rights? What rights? 🙁

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