I love animals, I have two specific kind ))) some of my friends are afraid of them 🙂 people usually judge only by appearance and this applies not only animals 😉 I rent an apartment and spend little time at home, I have no way to get a cat or a dog, because they need care photo_2016-10-03_03-24-54img_0522

and attention. They are so pretty, aren`t they?! :))))) 

2 thoughts on “Friends)”

  1. They ARE so pretty.
    Are is plural (used with they)
    Is is singular

    And… while your hooded rat is adorable, you spider gives me the willies. Like you, I’m an animal lover, but I prefer my spiders outside.

    And your English is good. You are able to communicate a lot!

  2. Thank you! It was good advice) Spider every 2-3 months throws off his old chitinous frame)) it looks really hard ))) like a snake leaves his skin)) fuuuu >_< :DDD

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