Simply wow..

This morning there was a chill to the air. I was in jeans and a t-shirt, I could see my breath as I locked the door and walked out to my Indian.

With a soft rumble, something that you could feel in your chest, the Indian came to life with a touch to the starter button.

The ride is is always incredible. The traffic is usually light and one can usually make all the lights during the trip into town. My commute is a brief 30 minutes. 

During the ride to work I always go thru town, avoiding the rat race on the State Route. In the darkness of early morning it is a safety concern to avoid the Highway.

My ride home is always on the Highway, rolling on the throttle, coming up to speed, hitting the cruise control and just enjoying the ride.

I love riding, love it more now than before. This Indian is such a sweet comfortable bike.

Other happy news, my new drivers license arrived today and it proudly displays my motorcycle endorsement.

Now I am waiting on my Carry Concealed Permit.

Have a blessed day.

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