Journal Entry #31 ($1 Dollar Bill and Picking Up Dropped Money)

If someone dropped some money near you, but didn’t know and kept on walking, would you pick it up? For me, it’s a “hell yeah”. My current living state is piss poor and its a struggle to fill my belly everyday. An unsuccessfull struggle. It’s monday and I haven’t eaten properly since friday. I’m starving and there’s nothing I can do about it.

One of Bob’s son was over this weekend and he does nothing but eat all our food that we’ve paid for with our food stamps. My mom bought me a small microwavable pizza saturday afternoon but I had a stomach ache so I saved it for sunday but when I went to look for it, I found that someone had eaten it, the box in the trash. I was pissed but luckily I still had some instant oatmeal packets so I made myself some oatmeal. Didn’t really do much to me. I was and still am hungry.

So when that guy dropped a $1 bill near me, I had every reason to pick it up. Sure its only a dollar but it goes a long way when you save up. But nooo…my youngest brother (whom I call Axel in these entries) has these beliefs that picking up dropped money is bad and so he told me to just leave it. This is one of the few things I don’t agree with him with. At least not entirely. Stealing money is definitely bad, but when you’re struggling, you need every cent you can get your hands on.

So I didn’t pick it up. And guess what? Not a couple minutes later did a woman walk up and pick it up right in front of us. Axel looked shocked but I said “See?”. If I didn’t pick it up, someone else would. And now I don’t have a dollar ¬-¬

So, what would you do?

There’s no rest for regrets, so I’ve gotta go.

3 thoughts on “Journal Entry #31 ($1 Dollar Bill and Picking Up Dropped Money)”

  1. i would have smacked axel upside the head.. and then you for listening to that advice.. lol.. because if you think about it.. you can look at it as Gods blessings to you… he knows you are hungry and struggling.. he made that available to you… but you in turn listened to someones advice that deterred you from that blessing and allowed a total stranger to benefit from the doubt axel placed in your head…
    your intentions were heartfelt.. God bless you and i pray that your come ups will be fast and prosperous… have faith.. i never like to cram religion down anybodys throats but the blessings are genuine and real if you believe and have faith and do good things..

  2. I would have tried to give the $1 to its owner. If she were already gone, out of sight, then I would have kept the dollar. JustMe is right about God’s wanting to bless us. I hope He will bless you with lots more than one dollar in the days to come. Hugs.

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