Letting off some steam.

It has gotten way harder in school now because im a senior. It very had to pick which college i am wanting to go to. They all are very good but being a nurse and being part deaf is not an amazing thing. It is going to be very difficult for me.

*sighs* Now here is my little rant because i need to let it off my chest **sorry **


Okay I know I am deaf and when you try to talk to me in a loud area then you don’t repeat yourself and say you’re deaf when you are not at all or have any problem hearing because you just want to be an a**hole then you can f*ck off. I am done saying sorry to everyone who thinks that I am not worth talking to anymore because you decide to mumble or not speak up so I can’t hear you then you get mad at me because I can’t f*cking hear you. So how about you f*ck off because doing that to an actually deaf people is not right at all. Especially when you know there deaf!

One thought on “Letting off some steam.”

  1. You don’t need to say “sorry” for venting your anger here. That’s what Goodnight Journal is partly for! Let it out! I am sorry you struggle with school and deafness. People can be very rude, can’t they? You would make an awesome nurse I bet. My daughter’s teaching assistant is almost totally deaf and she is amazing what she can do. (an older lady). Don’t get discouraged! You have a destiny, and
    God will help you reach it! Hugs…..Grace

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