“How’s he doing?”
There was more in your question,
something else in your expression

A pair of bloodshot eyes
a cringe instead of a smile
It didn’t take long to realise

“We haven’t spoken to each other
and it’s been two weeks,”
you finally confessed,
with that familiar, emotional streak
Your sleep has been restless

That night, I sat with my fried rice
and a drink cold with ice
My head was with zero advice

“I guess he’s moved on,”
you said and shrugged, looking all forlorn
Obviously, you were heartbroken

Dumbly, almost emotionally-attached,
only one thing I said:

“Only time heals.”

You just nodded and patted my shoulder
“Thanks,” was all you said before we parted
I really hoped you’d feel better

Still, why does love have to hurt?


(Jakarta, 12/9/2016 – 5:30 pm)

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