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Not a long winded journal today, as I feel a bit… Eurgh is the only word I could use to describe this to be honest. I’m just sat watching old episodes of great British menu, thinking about getting the old pen and paper out to scribble some sewing ideas.

Although I will say I had a portion of hot and sour soup that was more worrying than inspiring :/ fingers crossed my next entry doesn’t involve writing my own obituary…. 

Hope everyone is having a good day 🙂

One thought on “No general topic”

  1. I have those days all the time! Im glad its not just me 🙂 your very welcome sweets, coming to terms with guilt is something people like us have to deal with everyday, I suppose it’s just the cliché thing of “accepting things you cannot change” bla bla bla, just wish there was a switch you could flick some days, anyhoo hope you’re feeling ok today 🙂

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