Sunday’s Trotting Horses

Today was a gorgeous day, calm and peaceful. I would have loved to have gone hiking or some other epic activity, but thanks to the whole pay card debacle I need to be conservative with the cash I have on hand. The new card should be here anytime this week so I refuse to stress out about this.

Still the sun was shining, clouds were puffy, and the air had that glorious autumn tang to it. I hung out in sweats, drank coffee, and read a book from my every growing “to read list”. My studies in spirituality have taken on a whole new meaning lately. It gives me fulfillment and purpose.

The weather today reminded me of fall in New England. When I was a child my mom would take my sister and myself horse back riding. I can remember the name of almost every horse I’ve ever ridden:

*Pearl – I had the pleasure of a long trail ride when I was visiting my aunt.

*Rambo – My mom always took us to the same stable. It was there I got acquainted with Rambo. I thought his mahogany color was gorgeous.

*Arrow Head – I rode at camp until I asked for a new assigned horse.

*Jeffery – Was a royal pain in the butt and slightly over weight.

I loved riding so much that I was fortunate enough to go to a camp that offered riding. At first, I rode Arrow Head. He had a great personality, but his back was really boney and sharp even underneath a saddle blanket and a saddle. His physique become an issue when I learned how to post. My lacking sense of coordination made me go down when he was bouncing up. My rear end was sore for days on end.

My instructor had me switches horses. Jeffrey was great to learn posting on. His tubby middle left me no choice but to move in accordance with his gait. Posting was no longer a problem, but Jeffrey was so chunky I felt like I was doing the splits.

It’s been forever since I’ve been on a horse. Deedee had lessons a few years ago. I should take the girls out riding sometime. We could use some of that mother bonding time. I bet Snoochie would be a natural.


3 thoughts on “Sunday’s Trotting Horses”

  1. I miss riding as well. It had been years since I did, until this past Mother’s Day when my husband and kids surprised me with a trail ride. It was absolutely lovely!

  2. What a lovely day you described! And I loved reading about the horses. I’m so thankful you use a larger font! Bless you! If you ever need a new book to read on spirituality, I could send you mine that I wrote with God’s inspiration. It’s short and very readable.
    I don’t ride horses anymore because I have osteoporosis and I don’t think it would be safe. I used to love trail rides, and I learned to post, but would get scared when the horse would canter. I guess I wasn’t much of a horsewoman, honestly. But I loved riding a walking horse on a trail. Thanks for sharing the pretty memories!

  3. A big difference that really affects the ride is Western verse English saddle. As a kid whenever I went riding, I rode Western. I liked the bump to hold my hands over and keep me center. At camp however, they taught us w/ English. Goodbye false sense of security. Very quickly though I realized placement of hands and reigns were very similar to how one would use ski poles (there are major differences between the two, but as an avid skier I transferred knowledge to better help me learn quick posture).

    I really enjoyed cantering. I forget to mention was what made Jeffery so annoying was that he was some what of a bully to the other horses and tried to nip at their butts. My instructor had me lead us during trail rides because of Jeffery’s aggressive nature. I thought it was sort of a privilege to always be at the front so I tried not to focus on Jeffery’s more obnoxious qualities.

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