To give up or to not give up…

I’m the type of person who finishes what I start.

But lately, when it comes down to college I am all for saying FUCK SCHOOL. Everything gets tough I know that but school was never this tough for me. Why am I so lazy to learn all of a sudden. I LOVE learning. Maybe because college isn’t the same as Elementary, Jr high or High school. It’s all about WORK WORK WORK no time for play. I liked that about school. Time for learning and time for playing. 

*sigh… Hello adulthood. 

There’s literally one person that I refuse to let down and I’m just going to have to stop procrastinating and learn, interact, find help, shit something. I AM GOING TO BE A COLLEGE GRADUATE. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. *wipes forehead, easier said then done. 

BUT I have to do what I have to do.

… L E T S do THIS!


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