Benefit forms and Spanish classes

I’ve managed to finish filling in my benefits review form which I am very happy about because it’s been on my mind a lot. My parents used to fill these forms in for me because I’d usually be an inpatient under section for a fair while…the last time I was sectioned I was in hospital a year and eight months and the time before that it was two years and two months. I don’t like being on benefits at all, I get really scared about the future because I wonder how I’ll be able to afford everything Harry will need, but that’s quite far ahead…I’m ok for now. I try not to look too far ahead because it doesn’t look good at all 🙁 So at the moment I’m just happy I got the form done, I have never filled in one of these before so I feel like I’ve achieved something and am taking steps towards being able to handle all my own affairs 🙂

I took Harry to his Spanish class today, my mum also comes with us whenever she can. Because my mum is originally from Mexico, when my older sister and me were growing up she’d always speak to us in Spanish, and my dad obviously spoke to us in English. So my first sentences were a mixture of Spanish and English. I am fluent now and understand everything…when I speak it now though I get a lot of things wrong because I have become out of practise. In Mexico my family don’t speak much English at all so my older sister and I became fluent and speak to them in Spanish when we visit them. My mum always speaks to Harry in Spanish, she’s hoping Harry will learn both languages the same way me and my sister did. I have to admit I talk to Harry in English 85% of the time, but I don’t talk that much anyway even if it’s in English! I’m very quiet.

It’s always tiring taking him to Spanish classes even though I enjoy them so much, because he’s very independent and also very mischievous! He is quite a naughty one. He won’t really take part in the activities, he honestly just walks about doing his own thing and exploring the room! I try to get him to take part but he just ends up crying and having a bit of a tantrum. He does take part though when the teacher gets the coloured, plastic balls out, he really loves those. And the musical instruments! I got him a drum ages ago and also a xylophone. He loves playing the drum, he loves the drumstick an awful lot too. He also likes maracas very much. I know Harry is still little and it’ll take him time to be able to settle and listen to things, it’s just I can get a little embarrassed when the other toddlers are taking part so nicely and Harry is attempting to take one of the other parents’ phones out of their bag! Harry loves mobile phones. The teacher is extremely good, the classes are obviously simple, with fun toys and songs and things, I really do love going! 

Harry has developed this mischievous laugh that he does when he finds something we don’t want him to have or has found his way somewhere we don’t want him to go. Examples are we don’t want him to have the remote controls of the TV or something like that but if my dad is being careless and forgets (which he always does now) and leaves them within Harry’s reach, Harry will grab them and do his mischievous laugh which of course gives him away. Whenever I hear his mischievous laugh I come running immediately!

I feel quite strange today, I don’t think I feel quite well yet. Harry woke up at 2:30am last night and I had to breastfed him and let him sleep in my bed with me. I think he needed comfort more than anything else, I don’t think he was particularly hungry. So I’m extremely tired, but then again I always am! I long for an early night so much!!

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