Day 219 – Tired Monday

Monday, October 3rd 2016

I was very tired today. I didn’t get much rest last night because of the rain and I couldn’t think of a story. I always need to think of a story in my head that I can play out to help me put to sleep, but I couldn’t figure out anything and I fear that I still don’t. Hopefully I will.

I started off with Technology and Kohai and I recorded a podcast episode, which was movie 5-8 of HP + Cursed Child, which I have to continue reading. She seemed very happy that morning, which made me happy, even if I was too tired to show it.

We then had a math quiz with a substitute. It went very well, except for the fourth question. I don’t think anyone got it right, because everyone was talking to each other and the substitute to figure it out. It was kind of annoying cause although it isn’t a counted quiz and only gains you some points for the test if you seemed to have done much better on the quiz than test, it is still annoying when people talk loudly and someone is trying to get a good grade.

Then I had lunch and I sat with Kohai since my group didn’t show up. We talked about the server and how we wanted to assign Pokemon to Harry Potter characters based off their patronus or personality. For example, Draco has Charizard, Voldemort Ekans, Ron Growlithe, Sirius Mightyena, etc.

I then had coding and I finished JQuery, now I just have to do a few PHP works. (There’s a bug that keeps jumping for my lit up screen as I type this entry, go away).

I finished with alimentation which we were told to go to a class downstairs, then back upstairs, then we went downstairs. We are now doing India and doing some research work.

When I got home I played on the server and after digging out this whole breeding area, realized you can’t breed Pokemon underground, then I tried foraging, but that doesn’t work either, so now I have to figure out a use for it.

I watched an episode of Gotham and it was quite and interesting one. Now I wonder what other problem with arise since SPOILERS : Gallivan was dealt with.

That’s all for today.

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