Let’s pretend for a moment that in this world there is a whole other plane of existence that we do not see. In this world (that is there for those that believe) magick is possible. Like it or not, believe it or not magick is there and ready for one to harness and control. There is more to it than using the “Accio firebolt” incantation to have your top grade broom stick come whizzing towards you.

To those that use magick, their work is affirmed in results. That’s right. They preform spells and see results. The way this work is through the laws and limitations of our very own universe. Skeptics call it coincidence. Mages, wizards, and the like think those people ignorant of what we actually have at our fingers.

What if you could curse some one you out right hate? Would you? What if you could preform a spell that would cause cancer to grow within them and they die? Would you? How about performing a love spell to get back with the guy you really messed things up with?

Are some types of magick good? Are others bad? Where’s the line drawn in the sand?

ETA: Just because one has the means and knowledge to manipulate a situation doesn’t necessarily mean they should. In many Wiccan and Pagan practices the creeds are simple: * Do no harm to others. * What you put in you will get back 3 fold. In Chaos Magick it’s more simple. You have no limitations and there is no karma. So what’s the price paid for Enochian magick? Is there even a price? 

What if one gains this knowledge but refuses to put it to practice?


2 thoughts on “Ethics”

  1. Where is the line between bliss and madness? When you feel able to completely disintegrate into many small pieces in order then to meet again? What if this is your sense of time?:) May be greater value is not a type of magic, but its purpose in a general sense?

  2. I like the “do no harm to others” creed. I think magic happens often. In our faith, we call it miracles. The little ones are the sweetest; like my puppy that was dying and I just poured love into him through my hands, not demanding him to live, just loving him through dying. Suddenly he wobbled to his feet, peed a stream of bloody urine and in 1/2 hour he was eating soft dog food and walking around on steady feet. He had been unconscious before, a very young puppy. He was fine after that. I tell this story in my book.

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