Fighting words – all fucks are gone.

I sat at the bar for a good hour in a half when E texted me and asked me to come over and to bring some beer when she got off work.

I still had a few hours to spare before she got off and my friend T hit me up so me and him had dinner. 

I know T has a crush on me. We have kissed on a drunken night before but I can’t see him being anything else but a good friend. I met him in high school. He had become slightly attractive but I couldn’t wrap myself in the idea of being in a relationship with him. He would be a good roommate.

While eating I scrolled through Facebook and saw a strange status on D’s page.

His crazy meth head ex girlfriend hacked into his page and wrote a status.

“Just so everyone’s clear so called house isn’t his it’s his children’s and their mothers and he doesn’t pay rent. We only left tell he gets his shit. Witch he’s refusing to do. Realllll great dad d*** Quit turning my house Into a trap house”

the comments were hilarious though.

I don’t know why but I was automatically on the defensive. Although the entire thing was somewhat comical, I was actually really pissed. I felt like I had to protect him. But I know I need to just stay out of it. 

The other thing is that D and I only communicated on Facebook so I knew she could see our conversations. Especially the one where I told him she was trying to get him kicked out. 

And she did because she messaged me responding to the message about me getting kicked out. “He doesn’t have a house try someone where an don’t let me catch u at mine”

I couldn’t help myself. I sent her a kissy face and a meme that says “Eat a snickers you act like a little bitch when your hungry.”

As far as I can tell she hasn’t seen my reply but she knows what I told D about her and how I was at the house. I’m not scared of her though. I know I can kick her ass if it came to it. I almost wish she would find me so I could.

After reading all the comments and stuff I had a weird feeling though. Maybe he is just as crazy as her. I don’t know something weird is up.

We finished eating dinner and I went got beer and sat at E’s. Two guys came over and one of them happen to be an ex fling of mine that I had while me and J broke up the first time. 

E told me he was coming over earlier. “Don’t get to drunk cuz K*** is coming over so I’m sure I can get you laid!;)”

I knew it too, but when he came over I couldn’t really bring myself to try very hard. I just wasn’t in the mood and I honestly was just tired. I didn’t feel attractive in the least bit. We flirted a bit but like I said just couldn’t bring myself to it. 

I ended up just passing out on E’s couch. I was really worried since I skipped out on work yesterday that I’d get yelled at. But I woke up early and got home to get ready and I was going to be late.

Then the later I made myself I just decided to say fuck it. I realized crazy meth lady could totally fuck up my job right now, for one. Two I fucking hate my job in the first place. 

I don’t see how people could enjoy being a property manager. I just felt like a bitch all the time, which I am but like a different type of bitch. I hated it. I want to help people not drag them down. It was just frustrating and actually somewhat depressing.

So I just crawled into bed. 

I feel like a douche but whatever I need change anyway. I’m broke as fuck now but I can get an easy job and make more money then I was making there save up and just get the fuck out of here. 

While I was laying in bed my mom was cursing and giving me shit for not being home and behaving so disrespectful. She so dramatic. 

She left for her work and sent me texts. Just made me in a worse mood. 

All I did is leave bear at home while I went out I don’t see how that’s the biggest sin in the world. I get maybe I should ask them to watch him but for fucks sake making this big of a deal about it is fucking ridiculous. 

I don’t know maybe I’m not being sensitive enough or something.

I’m going to try to go to the bar earlier to see if my bartender is there so I can talk to her. Maybe I can get a job there. I would like that. It would be fun. Keep me busy anyway. 

Deep breaths. 

Lets see how the rest of today goes.

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