I may lose my job…

My manager came in to audit us. Again. (She was here Friday.) Apparently, the numbers didn’t match up and the unit is losing money. A lot of money. This didn’t completely surprise me… The company subsidizes everything we sell for its employees so it makes sense there would be no profit. What did surprise me, however, is that this wasn’t always the case. According to my manager, the unit used to do better before Stephanie and I took it over. I’m not sure if she was implying it’s our fault or what, but I’m worried. Our contract is up for renewal and I got the impression from my manager that if we don’t fix the issues they won’t renew it which means we’ll be out of a job. The issue is we don’t knows the issue. Stephanie and I operate the unit, but we aren’t responsible for numbers. We have no control over what we serve, charge, order, etc. so if the numbers aren’t lining up who’s fucking fault is that? We just sell the shit.

This can’t happen. Not now. Things are finally starting to come together. Mike and I are adulting. We’re going to buy a house .I can’t be out of a job! What makes it worse is that this job is fucking perfect. I love it. I don’t want to lose it. I can’t go back to not having a job. It took me forever to find this one.

All I can do now is wait…

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